Creme x Disney Minnie Mouse Holiday Nail Decal & Polish Set

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Get Ready to Nail the Disney Magic with The Crème Shop! ✨

Hey there, nail enthusiasts! We've got something special for you – The Crème Shop x Disney Nail Decals Set! ? Picture this: 50 adorable decals ready to jazz up your nails with a sprinkle of Minnie Mouse charm. And wait for it – there's a clear nail polish with Calcium and Protein to lock in the magic!

? WHY YOU'LL LOVE IT ? So, imagine giving your nails a Disney-approved makeover without breaking a sweat. These 50 decals are like instant magic for your manicure! Plus, the clear polish with Calcium and Protein? It's the secret sauce for a long-lasting, fabulous finish.

? BENEFITS ? ✓ Clear polish loaded with Calcium & Protein ✓ 50 easy-peasy decals to play with ✓ Nails that stay fab for ages


  1. Wash those hands – soap and water, you know the drill.
  2. Pick your fave base color and paint those nails – let it dry, of course.
  3. Peel off a decal and pop it onto your nail – easy peasy.
  4. Seal the deal with a top coat, and let the enchantment dry.

Ready to let your nails channel their inner Disney magic? Dive into the enchantment now!